Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BBC iPlayer on the Wii

You can now get BBC iPlayer on the Wii.  I tested it out this evening whilst watching the latest episode of Dr Who.  High quality images, far better than on a PC in fact, coupled with a perfectly skip-free delivery made for an enjoyable experience.  The British TV licence fee just added an extra string to its evermore digitally rich and melodious bow.  The people responsible should feel proud of the software they've produced, as well as the development process they've followed, whilst private industry competitors such as Sky and Virgin Media should be looking over their shoulders.

If you're interested, more background to this product and service can be found here and here.  It's a clear example if there ever was one of how public software applications can be used to support and re-energise private industry at crucial moments in our economic history.  One caveat - you do need your Wii to be set to the United Kingdom for the program to run as expected.  And you do, of course, need to have paid your BBC licence fee.

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