Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why has gone open source

More reason for the British government to take note and understand open source more constructively. This article, via 0pensource's Twitter feed, describing as it does how those running the American government's own website have decided to use open source tools instead of proprietary systems, tells an intriguing tale:
The great Drupal switch came about after the Obama new media team, with a few months of executive branch service (and tweaking of under their belts, decided they needed a more malleable development environment for the White House web presence. They wanted to be able to more quickly, easily, and gracefully build out their vision of interactive government. General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), the Virginia-based government contractor who had executed the Bush-era White House CMS contract, was tasked by the Obama Administration with finding a more flexible alternative. The ideal new platform would be one where dynamic features like question-and-answer forums, live video streaming, and collaborative tools could work more fluidly together with the site's infrastructure. The solution, says the White House, turned out to be Drupal. That's something of a victory for the Drupal (not to mention open-source) community.
More from this report here.  More from Drupal itself here

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