Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twitter and Bing (or that retread of a remould)

This is definitely not what I was thinking about in my previous post!

A battlefield out there between corporate monoliths.   So in the end Twitter is but the same old story.  No bright new spark of a brave new world.  Just a retread of a remould.  They couldn't think of a neater or more elegant way of making money than going cap in hand to Microsoft.
Hmm.  So where does this leave the Twitter bot which allowed me to import multiple feeds into Google Wave last night and work on and develop the resulting content?  I would assume that Google will now feel obliged to pay Twitter for such a bot to continue its wise and useful work.  Or, rather, that Twitter will move all lawyerly functions to insist that Google coughs up where it shouldn't.

In a Web 2.0 universe it would be only right and proper if Twitter gave us the option of choosing the copyright licence we would prefer to use, as per Creative Commons for example.  If Twitter is to try and make easy money by going to Microsoft, I would prefer it didn't do it on the back of my words.

The means of production again.  We need to own the means of production.

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