Saturday, October 24, 2009

Extremadura, LinEx and owning one's means of production (no apologies for repeating myself)

I've posted this video several times - but make no apologies for posting it again.  The lessons are being learned, but ever so slowly.  We need to keep things moving.

More background from itself here (Google English here).  The video below.

In truth, the important lesson is not so much one of the tools themselves - though the wider point that individuals and organisations who wish to control their destinies need to control their means of production is just as valid for those with capitalist aspirations as it is for those who believe in communities.  Rather, it is a question of a broader set of values - of believing that communities have the right to define themselves on their own terms.

If they end up choosing Microsoft, let them do so with a clear - and not marketing-mediated - understanding of the advantages and disadvantages; that is to say, of the fundamental issues at stake instead of the superficial issues of consumer "engagement" and third-party crossings of interest when giving and receiving advice.

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